Arrgghh Spot Alert

Ok it’s the week of your wedding and you have been counting down the weeks until you finish work you’ve been having regular facial and drinking plenty of water and generally being a good girl and horror you feel that throb throb of a brewing spot!!!

Well DON’T pick or pop at it you’ll be left with a horrible red mark on the wedding day instead hot foot it to Sam Mc Cauleys, Mc Cabes, and Cara Pharmacy’s and purchase Dream Dots

Approx. €14.95 for a box of 24 Dream Dots, there is also offer a special offer price if you buy two boxes which is 48 Dream Dots for €24.95 from

I used these little wonder dots last week when I had a spot of bother! I did my usual cleansing routine and then simply put one these translucent flexible little patches on where I felt a spot brewing in the morning it was white disgusting I know……but I knew it was working and it stopped me picking and poking which causes scarring

So the spot never erupted into a nasty white head yuck!

The patch calmed the area and help the pore stay unblocked so I managed to side step any nasty build-up of oils or bacteria.

My favourite thing about these little dots is that they stopped me from picking or using every cream in the bathroom in a panic. In the morning when I peeled the little patch off the skin it was calm and not dried out at all.

For any spot emergency I’d recommend the overnight treatment of DREAM DOTS