A Hair trial is best a few months before the big day(when possible) this allows  you enough time to consider different styles and maybe let your hair grow a few inches and  take up advice of colour and condition care.

The hair is an accessory of the dress so you must have your dress before the trial bring along a photo or a magazine picture of the front and back when possible please.

Hair accessories – I have a selection of hair accessories to use at the trial and I can certainly recommend where to get them from.

Veil – Some brides are undecided if they are going to wear a veil until the Wedding day – I have a trial veil in the studio to use so you don’t have to bring along your veil if your undecided.

I have looked after brides that haven’t had a trial due to time/travel/expense so don’t worry if your not in the country we can have a chat on the phone or send images.

I suggest getting images from magazines creating a little inspiration book or start up a www.pinterest.com account be warned its very addictive!!!

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Here are the most common questions:

Do you offer hair cutting/colouring as part of the service?

Sorry I don’t have the facilities in my studio space but I can recommend salons in your area and give my suggestions.

Should I wash my hair?

If you have finer oilier hair(or feel you will want to wash your hair on the wedding morning) wash it that morning and roughly dry – I can spray it down in the studio

If you have non oily thicker hair its best to work on day old hair – freshly washed can be a little too soft for styling

Can I take my own photos at the trial?

Yes of course But I will be taking images and emailing them back to you usually on the day of your trial

How many styles do you usually show at a trial?

A trial usually takes 90mins-2hours  the prepping of the hair takes the longest then any adjustments only take a few minutes so we can usually trial 4 plus looks

Can I leave the trial with my hair in the wedding style, or will you take it down before I leave?

You can leave with your wedding style and its nice to go onto your make up trial or dress fitting or perhaps you don’t want anyone to see it so we will give you a daytime look before you go.

Can I bring my mum/bridesmaid/sister with me to the trial for a second opinion?

Yes My studio is a small space so I would suggest bring along 2 other people or else it can get a little squashy

its nice to get a 2nd opinion from someone that knows you a little better but make sure its someone you like their style and value their opinion.  Or come along and then show them the images after if you prefer.

Sometimes bridesmaids would like a trial (not that often to be honest) I would recommend I do the brides trial first then the bridesmaid.

A bridesmaid trial only takes an hour. So is half the fee and is usually paid by the bridesmaid herself..

Is it okay if I don’t have my accessories or veil yet?

No Problem I have a selection in the studio. To trial or buy.

Before Your Trial

Think of any imperfections you’d like to hide so if you feel better with your ears covered or a little fringe just mention it to me.

Bring photos of styles you like and DON’T like too -I think sometimes we don’t know what we want but we defiantly know what we don’t want.

Bring photos of your dress – front and back.