A few weeks ago I was at the lovely wedding venue Clonabreany House in Meath. The Bridesmaids had the most amazing dresses  one of the bridesmaids lived abroad so the Bride posted it over to her in the States to try on and posted it back and the other bridesmaid had a baby 5 weeeks prior to the wedding so didn’t really know what would fit her and wanted somethinfg to make it easy to breast feed too -so much so I got in touch with Boutique they were bought in for more information

The Boutique is Alila Drury St Dublin 2

 The dresses are fantastic  They are a brand called Eliza & Ethan and are from LA.  They are one size fits all, there are several colours, and there is a boob-tube included so you have the option of wearing this or not.  They do not crease either which is super.  They can be dry-cleaned are hand-washed cold and lay flat to dry (either work absolutely fine – we have tried both) and therefore no big dry-cleaning costs.  They can literally be worn 101 ways. We keep discovering more ways every time we put them on someone! They suit all shapes and sizes as the length can be adjusted depending on where you place the waistband.  They can simply be cut to shorten if needs be, no need for tailoring! 
They also come with an instruction book showing you how to tie them all the different ways.  By adding a brooch you can completely change the dress too. There is a shorter length also available.  They are priced €179,99 (short), €199.99 (long) and €220 (new long style, more gathered) 

I’m going to call in this weekend I am a guest a 4 weddings this year and maybe I could wear this dress a few different ways 101 ways!