It’s Amazing how you lift a person on the outside you also give the person a huge lift on the inside too!

Denise wrote to the style squad wanting help with her look as a Mother of 4 and Grandmother of 1 she has little time for herself.

She has so little time her friends and family buy her clothes for her.

When I first layed eyes on Denise her hair was too blonde it made her fine hair look lank and limp- she made the classic link of blonde being youthful but in Denise’s case it did the opposite first thing I did for Denise was to create the illusion of depth and thickness by creating a slightly darker deeper coffee colour at her root to a lighter toffee colour on the ends with definite clean cool blonde slices to catch the eye.

Then I created a cheeky textured haircut framing Denise’s small face with added width.

Lucy Halperin from Revlon UK gave her a glamorous look to match the party Dress the fabulous Cathy O’Connor specially hand picked for Denise that completely balanced Denise’s natural pear shape – that woman is a genius when it comes to dressing to bring out the best in a person!

Watch the transformation in the video  Denise was so happy with her amazing transformation!!!

videos.php?video=2526&locID=1.65.74&page=38 click here to see clip