When I first seen this product it made me giggle a little as it looks a bit 70’s and I remember it from the film Blades of Glory!!

The story of its being is on the packaging that is was originally designed for horses but discovered it was great for human hair too hence to why I giggled a little.

But its actually a serious product – I’ve been using the hair strengthener and detangler and the moisturing shampoo and conditioner and I’m really happy with the results!! and I’m not on my own Mane and Tail users include Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore!

I’ve been recommending it to all my brides to use the hair strengthener when combing your hair after shampoing to ease out any tangles and give your hair that bit of extra care.

California’s favourite Mane‘n Tail hair-care products now in Ireland designed for different hair types including dry, coloured, anti-the original formula, with luxurious ‘Colour Protect’, ‘Deep Moisturising’ and ‘Herbal Gro’conditioners, detangling, strengthening, and shine products has been developed, along side award winning product in beauty trials around the globe.

Straight from the horse’s mouth tee hee