I just adore Green Angel products!

Green Angel meticulously blends and packs all the products they create in small batches from start to finish in Co. Dublin. Each item carries the prestigious “Guaranteed Irish” logo.

The Green Angel range consists of unique hand crafted skin care, health spa and hair care products which combine the rejuvenate benefits of “Seaweed extracts” (taken from five different seaweeds harvested from the unpolluted waters off the West coast of Ireland) with all the benefits of a variety of natural, high quality “Essential oils”.

They continually research and develop both the ingredients and the traditional packaging of their products, natural glass packaging as opposed to plastic, generally being the choice for containers at Green Angel.

Green Angel products are sold in natural food shops, beauty salons, chemists and gift shops across Ireland, and via The Green Angel web site.

To win a BODY SOFT GIFT SET from Green Angel answer the following question:

Where is Green Angel product showroom? click here for a hint

Send you answers to lorrainehair@gmail.com with your contact info and make sure you put GREEN ANGEL in the subject line.

Competition closes 13th March.

More Green Angel info to come……..