How did we meet?

Lorraine reached out to us one day saying if we ever needed a hairdresser to get in touch. It must have been faith, as we had just been let down by a hairdresser for an upcoming fashion show in the Shelbourne. We met up, and clicked straight away and we were so delighted with the beautiful hair Lorraine created at the fashion show, that we’ve requested her for numerous events since. I’ve booked Lorraine as my personal hair stylist for my own wedding, I can’t wait! I know it’ll be a fun, chilled morning with Lorraine around.

What inspires you?

I count myself lucky, I get to work every day with my Mum Marina, she’s my biggest inspiration.

How did you break into the industry?

I quite simply fell into the industry, but I think ultimately it was always going to be my path in life. Having worked in fashion for numerous years prior, Myrtle Ivory came about in March 2007. I started out by giving a dig out on the odd Saturday and now 10 years on (and a countless list of brides) I can’t imagine my life not being in the bridal industry. Thank you to all who have supported Myrtle Ivory.

 What is your favourite part of your job?

There’s a moment when a bride, who’s surrounded by her Mum/Aunt/Gran/Best friend/Sister, and they have just decided on their wedding dress. Something happens, there’s a little shift in the energy in the room, the smiles, the tears, the hugs, it’s just lovely and you can’t help but get totally wrapped into it too. You’re part of someone’s journey to marrying their beloved other, it’s such a lovely occasion for all involved.


Myrtle Ivory is open 10 years in March

#MyrtleDecade hoping for all brides to instagram, hashtag their pics!!

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