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Bridal Package

Bridal hair is glamorous and personal. Every wedding is unique. So your hair has a lot to live up to on your big day!

Choose a style that flatters your face and gives you confidence:

Round face – create height and avoid adding width
Long face – avoid height and create width with fullness
Oval face – most styles are flattering
Square Face – add softness and avoid anything too tight

What’s your dress like?

Classic styles take inspiration from vintage looks/Hollywood glamour
Modern styles – think of texture and the overall look combined with the dress keep it as simple as possible.

Wedding Hair Trial

2 months before the wedding day, for the bride..
Tell me about your dress. Hair styles you like or don’t like. Show me magazine pictures and photographs. Help me imagine what you imagine.
I’ll create different looks that suit your hair type, face shape and dress style. I’ll bring a veil and hair accessories to pull the whole look together.
We’ll record it all on digital photo’s so you can see it from every angle and is a record for the day.
We’ll discuss timings for the morning and I’ll advise on colour and condition treatments before the big day.
The Wedding Day
I arrive early and look after the Bridal Party including all bridesmaids and flower girls and mother of the bride.
If you have a large family or maybe your guests have travelled, I can bring a second stylist to look after the in laws or friends and family at the hotel.

I always stay till the end right up to the moment you step into the car. So you can be sure your hair is perfect for the bridal party photographs and you arrive at the ceremony looking great.

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