About Jen Doyle Designs
Jen Doyle has been designing and making jewellery and hair accessories officially since January 2009, and she  specialises in custom bridal headpieces. Jen lives and works out of her home in beautiful Co. Donegal and she is completely self taught. Jen has designed and made headpieces for brides all over Ireland and also further afield in places such as the UK, USA and Australia. Jen’s work has appeared several times in Irish Brides magazine and more recently was featured in an article by Georgina Heffernan on RTE Online’s Best of Irish style pages. 
Jen’s tips for buying handmade bridal accessories
So, you have found The Dress! The next step is your accessories. What jewellery will you wear? What will you wear in your hair? Very often, a bride will leave her jewellery and hair accessories until the last minute and then have difficulties finding the perfect accessory to go with her dress. Once you have your dress, you should start looking at accessories and allow yourself plenty of time to find something that suits you, especially if you are having these items custom made for you.
Do your research
– have a really good look around to see what is out there- both locally and on the internet. See what catches your eye, what draws your attention? Do you find yourself coming back to a particular style again and again? When choosing your jewellery/hair accessories, take into account the style of your dress. If it is very elaborately beaded/embroidered -particularly the bodice, then very often you won’t need to wear a necklace. Let your dress speak for itself and choose your accessories to compliment it. Less is sometimes more.
When choosing your hair accessory, bear in mind that some types of hair accessories work better in upstyles or half up/half down styles etc. It’s good to have a chat with your hairdresser and ask her advice about what may or may not work with your particular hairstyle.
Don’t allow yourself to be pushed into buying something you are not sure about just because others think it is perfect. It is your Big Day after all- and you need to be comfortable with the choices you will make!
Never be afraid to ask questions. Good communication is so important during the design process and is the key to getting things right. If you are not sure what you are looking for- and a lot of brides who come to me are not- show the designer your dress- or a photo of it, and ask for their recommendations. This is usually a good way to start things off.
Finally, if ordering online- always read the FAQ’s on a designers website and question anything you are not sure about. The more information you have up front, the better. Some Practical Information:All of my prices include regular post to your chosen address. If you would prefer registered post there is a €5 charge for this option.

It is advisable to allow 4 to 6 weeks for your order to be completed as certain times of the year are very busy for me- particularly from mid Feb- Sept/Oct. It can often take less than 4-6 weeks for your order to be completed and I will always advise when an order is made.

— You can contact Jen via email: jen@jendoyledesigns.com
Or by phone: 086 3401988
Or through the contact form on her website: http://www.jendoyledesigns.com/contact.html